You’ll Never Walk Alone…Unless You’re Into That Sort Of Thing

My hobby of taking long walks by myself has brought me to some serious realizations.

Firstly, that walking helps me clear my mind.  Much like the shower, or washing the dishes, I can think most clearly when taking long walks.  By myself, with music ringing through my headphones, even while texting.  I am utterly brilliant.  Still working on being able to “walk and chew gum at the same time,” though.

Secondly, I see the most amazing things while walking alone.  Or perhaps I just appreciate normal things more.  A haunting smell in the air, the glow of lights, the beauty of the world around me.  The poetry in everything is easier for me to observe when I’m alone.

And lastly, I like being alone.  I really do.  I don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone, so the possibilities are endless.  Like the day before Christmas, when the above photo was taken.  I could go into any shop, turn down any street, even take myself out for coffee.  I could take a train, a bus, or keep walking and keep feeling limitless.

It reminded me of one of my favourite scenes from Sex and the City:

Thing is, I actually like this old lady.  I want to be this old lady.  At the counter, with my ice cream, wearing a ridiculous hat.  The idea kind of thrills me.  Of being one of those fabulous, chic old ladies who swaddle themselves in bizarre outfits, take to the streets, and strut through Manhattan like they own the place, all on their own like they couldn’t give less of a damn.

That is my dream.  That is my destiny.  And I think that may even be my reality:

I mean, I do have a way with a ridiculous hat.


2 responses to “You’ll Never Walk Alone…Unless You’re Into That Sort Of Thing”

  1. Love this. Haha, we are like the same person- I adore walks alone and I also can't wait to be an eccentric old lady. And you added a Sex and the City quote- almost as fab as your hat! <3

  2. I like that idea!
    And i like to walk alone with my music too. I've spend 3 months alone in NYC a few years ago and that's pretty much what i did the whole time.

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