The 70’s on Sunday

If I had a time machine, I might choose any period in time to travel to – but I might travel back to the time of the 70’s on Sunday.

You may have misunderstood.  The 70’s on Sunday was a weekly day-long radio show on the local oldies station where all the songs played that day were from the 70’s.  Stadium rock, disco, singer/songwriter standards.  Say what you like about your favourite era, but the 70’s probably has it beat, musically speaking.

Sundays in my childhood were always scored to the mellow, bright, dulcet tones of the 70’s on Sunday coming through the old, grey, kitchen radio.  Or the alarm clock radio in my bedroom.  Or the big tape deck/turntable stereo in the den, that hulking piece of machinery I never fully comprehended.  School projects, sundry craft projects, Odyssey of the Mind meetings, or just lazy days not doing anything at all.  It seems only fitting that such an innocent time in my life should correspond in my memory with the optimistic innocence of the songs coming through those low-tech plastic speakers.

The 70’s on Sunday ceased to exist many years ago, just like the 70’s themselves.  And I no longer spend lazy days at home glued to the radio, letting little melodic memories bob to the surface.  But occasionally, a Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young song will play and I’ll find myself wistful for the cozy comfort of my childhood home, and for a simpler time…the 70’s on Sunday.

Go ahead, enjoy.

The 70's on Sunday by MeghanSara on Grooveshark


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