Pin Win: T-Shirt Drawer Overhaul

It is known that I have not had the best relationship with Pinterest “life hacks.”  You know, those tips that look oh-so-easy on Pinterest and work for soooo many Pinners and have cute graphics and fonts and an adorable hipster chick with winged eyeliner and a topknot smiling through the photo tutorial?

Those are mostly total bullshit.

I swear, there is a Pinterest conspiracy ring out there putting fake tips on Pinterest just to see what crazy crap they can get normal human beings to do.  Put rubber bands around eggsSoak our laundry in salt waterMake everything ombre.  I like to take Pinterest’s advice with a grain of salt…water…with a t-shirt in it.

But this pin caught my attention and persuaded me to dump all my shirts out onto my bed for a drawer overhaul:

And guess what, guys.  It totally worked.

It’s super easy to fold your shirts this way.  I fit one and a half drawers’ worth of shirts into 7/8ths of a single drawer. 

You really can see all your shirts.  Your drawer will look amazing.  It’s worth the half hour it takes, and it will change your life.Or so Pinterest claims.

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  1. Michael says:

    I may have to try this. The boyfriend "needs" another drawer, which I'm not willing to give up. But, if I can reorganize and make my life easier, I may be persuaded.! Thanks again for the Lieb shout-out. That really meant a lot to me!

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