The Dangers of Male Friends

The [terrible] movie When Harry Met Sally opines that men and women can’t be friends, because “the sex thing” always gets in the way.  Or something.  I only watched it once, because I completely disagree.  I have many male friends with whom the “sex thing” is never an issue.  And only a couple of them were gay!  Take that, heteronormative Hollywood dreck!

On the other hand, maybe there is something to the issue.  Having male friends has definitely raised my standards unfairly.

Take my friend Hans.  He is too clever.  He raises the bar on witty banter to a level that frankly, many people just can’t match.  Having a texting conversation with him is an epic battle of quips, and he frequently makes me laugh out loud, IRL LOL!

My friend Matt is openhearted and romantic.  Soulful and adventurous.  He is generous with his time and his affections.  Matt is the perfect catch.  He’s also gay.  Sorry ladies.

And Aaron, my dear late friend, was the epitome of chivalry.  He had a way with kindness that was not cloying or patronizing, but sincere and supportive.  Aaron would always pick up the check and refuse assistance.  He would bring soup to your house when you were sick.  And I still listen to the mix CD he made me in high school.  Aaron raises the standards on being a perfect gentleman.

So it’s possible that, having (had) these awesome dudes in my life, I may be a bit picky on the dating scene.  Having such amazing male friends may be a detriment, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. I agree. It's absolutely possible. It solely depends on the people. I have plenty of guy friends I've never hooked up with and I actually have some who ended up being better friends after a break up, etc.

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