Cheap Joke

This is my grocery basket from a recent trip.  This is not the joke part.

Easy Mac happened to be on sale, so I bought all I could find.  All that I could fit into my basket, while still leaving room for a tiny (just a tiny) bit of self-respect. 

Looking at my purchase, I felt a twinge of guilt.  Should one really buy ten Easy Macs, peanut butt, and bread?  Yogurt was on sale.  I went and bought a few cartons of yogurt, to keep up the pretense of being an adult capable of feeding herself.

My Easy Mac binge looked even more incriminating splayed out over the checkout conveyor belt.

“Please don’t judge me,” I chuckled at the checkout clerk, fear and shame brimming over in my eyes.  “It’s on sale.”

The cashier returned my pleading gaze with mirthless, heavy lids.  “99 cents.”

“Yes, yes they are.  I’m stocking up.  This isn’t all I’m buying,”  I chortled, nervous and defensive.  “See, I bought yogurt…”

“On sale.”

Some people just can’t take a joke.

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