Bugging Out

Confession:  we have bugs.

This is New York City!  Helloooo!  Everyone has bugs…or mice…or rats…or toilet snakes! 

Exhibit A:

Bug seen on counter, near oh-so-precious coffee maker!!!

Exhibit B:

Bug seen in cupboard, near plates and SPLENDA!

Exhibit C:

My Fortress of Solitude! 
My Bat-cave!

Needless to say, the last breach was too much to stand and I had to CRUSH my enemy!  With a paper towel!

The worst part about buggy invaders is that you never feel safe.  You’re constantly vigilant.  And always…itchy.  Yes!  Imagining every perceived tickle is another evil bug, attacking you just when you let your guard down!

Next time the (free) building exterminator comes around, sign me up!

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