Falling In Love Again

This is a photo of me from January 2011. The last time I enjoyed acting.

Or so I thought.

I’ve said before that it’s hard to get excited about acting anymore.  There just isn’t a lot of interesting work being done, at least as far as I have seen.  All the good plays, I thought, were OLD.  Not just that, but to quote a great, old play:  “Hell is other people.”  The folks involved in the “business” were often shallow, dismissive, and self-centered.  Maybe the line should go, “Hell is other actors?”  Not to mention the main qualification people seem to be looking for in actresses is not talent, as I had hoped, but “hotness”.  Every ad wants a “fit” or “athletic” or “model-type” actress.  It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle choice – one that requires a BMI of less than 10.

But…maybe things are turning around.

Last week, I had the good fortune to attend a script reading for a new theatre group my friends are starting up.  I read scripts – lots of them! – some were meh, but some were really exciting!  I got to put on my “acting hat” and take on some characters…  The only way I could describe it is, it’s like being a dancer, breaking both of your legs, then finally being able to walk without crutches again.  It was a glimpse of hope that someday, maybe, a part of me that was long missing could return.

Maybe some day, I’ll be on the stage again…without the crutches.


5 responses to “Falling In Love Again”

  1. Amen, sister friend. From one theatre girl to another, I hear you loud and clear. Glad to hear you're feeling hopeful!

  2. Oh, yeah. And it's Elizabeth. Not "unknown." Blogger is being annoying and unknown-ing me when I comment.

  3. wonderful that you're getting back into it. i acted in a play in 8th grade once haha i had fun even though i'm not really a "theater" person

  4. theatre is a very large part of my life. I am glad you are getting back into it 🙂 acting is a huge piece of me. I have no idea what i would do without it!

  5. It's hard not to get disenchanted with the whole business and crap-shoot game of it all. Not to mentioned constantly being judge for that which we have no control over. Yeah. But then sometimes, you actually get to create something and "focus on your craft" in the cliche and best, real way. And fall in love with it all over again. Oh theater, you big goddamn, irresistible, tease. Cheers to a no crutch future!!

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