You Can’t Go Home Again

It’s been more than a year since I was last in Forest Hills!
More than a year since I last lived in the house above, and boy has it changed.
New stoop, new roof, no bushes out front.
From the outside, it was unrecognizable.
Which made me really sad.
The whole town was different.
New Dunkin’ Donuts, remodeled Duane Reade, whole new wine store.
Very little of the place I used to call home looked, well, homey anymore.
Even Martha’s was different.

My favourite type of cupcakes was no longer in the menu!
My attempt to get a taste of home was, well, not very successful.
I suppose if home always stayed the same, we would never want to move on.
Stuck in a rut.
Tied to the homestead.
If things didn’t change, we would never change.

I have changed so much from Forest Hills.

I’m so glad.

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  1. Another girl from queens (rockaway beach)…transplant to LI. But, you're looking at my office here in this pic – with all the diamond – Hearst. Just came upon your blog and enjoy finding other NY'ers, let alone one from Queens. Nice blog!

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