Ghost Stories

Tonight, I’ll be giving a ghost tour.  Yes, I enjoy the paranormal, the bloody, the serial killers!  It’s always funny to see people’s reactions when I tell them about this strange passion of mine, but the response I have in my mind is, why doesn’t this interest you?

Death is one of the few things we all have in common.  Why not talk about it?

To those who believe in ghosts, they are an opportunity to be in touch with something that can’t be explained, something magical, something supernatural.  It’s reassuring to think that those who are lost are not completely gone.  And it’s comforting to think that one we’re gone, we don’t have to leave unless we want to.

To those who don’t believe in ghosts, I point out that we create these ghosts by telling their stories.  The people I talk about DO, in a way, still haunt their former homes because *I* go there, and tell their stories.  That means that, in some way, they are still very much present and remembered, even if they’re not turning chairs upside-down, tapping on the walls or making coffee cups fly across the room.

I meet all manner of people on my tours.  Young and old, and they all believe or WANT to believe in something more than themselves.  And I think that’s just fine.  If nothing more, I tell stories that entertain people, and some that educate people. on the darker side of life.  And that’s why I tell ghost stories.,_Murders,_Mayhem.html

In the NYC area?  Interested in coming on one of my tours?
Check out Ghosts, Murders, and Mayhem Walking Tours on the web!
Three different neighborhoods:  Greenwich Village, Hell’s Kitchen, and Lower Manhattan.

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  1. I really need to plan to do one of these. I've been fascinated by serial killers since 9th grade psychology. I've got books, seen movies, the whole 9. When the guy I'm dating and I first were talking he said he reads (shocker) and asked what genres. He says true crime. I asked what he meant and he said serial killers. So now, 8 months later, the joke is that he "had me at serial killers".

    • I try to post whenever I'm giving a tour on facebook far enough in advance! I'll be giving them all summer and there's plenty of serial killers on both my tours! I loved forensics in High School, have seen every episode of Law & Order (and SVU!), and watch Crossing Jordan now too.

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