Much like the time I watched a 16-wheeler get stuck under an underpass, Bridalplasty is just one of those things you know you shouldn’t watch but you just can’t help staring at and talking about.

Everything about this show is repulsive and demeaning.  It preys on women’s personal insecurities while also feeding into the celebrity- and wedding-obsessed culture.  It pits highly suggestible and emotionally damaged women against each other in brutal bloodsports where they are rated on a not-so-subtle scale of “zero” to “ten,” with each womans’ self-esteem at “zero” and their ruthlessness at “ten!”

Ten episodes available to watch on Netflix Instant.

How badly do you want a “perfect” wedding?  Would you undergo plastic surgery to get one?  Is there any plastic surgery you would ever consider getting?  I used to think I wanted a nose job and a boob job, now, I would never change these things that make myself unique.  What does “perfection” mean to you?  How far would you go to get it?

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  1. OH my goodness, I blogged a little bit about this show recently. We happened to see it on netflix at a girls night in and we watched the first episode and then I couldn't stop watching. It was terrible! This show, is terrible!
    If my husband would have allowed me to go onto this show, I'd have questioned our relationship. Lol.

    • I could go for a massive tooth overhaul, too. That's actually useful. Like, root canals, wisdom tooth extraction, veneers, the works. That's an investment in your future, not just a vanity procedure.

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