Oh We Go – Owego!

If I couldn’t live in New York City, I think I could be happy in Owego, New York. This plucky small town just recovered from a devastating flood less than six months ago that put most of the town and everything I visited underwater.

The Susquehanna River, and future site of Gateway Park

Owego will always be special to me. I got my first “real” acting job with the Ti-Ahwaga Community Players, on Delphine Street!  I’ve lunched at the River Rose Cafe, sampled truffles at Fuddy Duddy, even attended one of the yearly Strawberry Festivals held in Owego.  To me, it is a place of hopes and dreams fulfilled.  It’s as easy as lifting up your feet and making a wish when you cross the railroad tracks!

Post Office
Tioga County Court House

Owego is quaint, unexpected, warm, and well situated between the
bustling University town of Vestal and the crunchy Ithaca to the north. Owego features the very best of those two locales, in one place.  Their devotion to their town is unmatched.  Modern sensibilities meet antique notions of community in a rustic, grassroots renaissance.  I am pleased and proud to post some of my favourite features of Owego, New York…

3 responses to “Oh We Go – Owego!”

  1. It looks really quaint 🙂 Is this where you were when I was running around Manhattan? Which btw..I had no idea that my wife drives like a taxi driver! lol

  2. Your pictures make me a bit homesick, not that I miss Vestal but I love Owego. My parents always go out there to eat at The Original and then walk down by the river. I always love going out there to walk around the shops and stuff.

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