New Year’s Fail

Everyone around me is talking about resolutions, these inspiring ways they plan to change their lives for the better, amazing goals to turning their lives around in 2012.

I’m not going to do that.

Listen, I know myself pretty well (all my life, in fact) and I cannot keep long term goals.  I mean, I couldn’t even keep my New Year’s Eve Rocking for five hours.  Case in point:  Here is what 7:00pm looked like:

Dinner reservations at the best Italian restaurant this side of the Atlantic!
The GW Bridge, from our front stoop.
Ringing in the New Year with class and style.  That sparkling wine cost $16!

…And this is what 10:30pm looked like:

That’s totally The Twilight Zone.  Tradition!
Scary sick face/no makeup picture eek!

…and this, cherubs, is what midnight looked like:

Yes, that’s NyQuil.  Future reference, champagne + NyQuil + Twilight Zone = weeeeird dreams.

So I’ve resolved (heh) to keep my Resolutions simple and sweet.  I want to:

– learn to crochet

– read Does the Center Hold?, a witty and informative book about Philosphy

try to be more like John Lennon (how undeniably awesome was he, though, seriously?)
and make more friends.

That way, anything else I achieve will be going above and beyond!  Smart thinking, huh?  Much smarter than poor Skipit:

For those of you who are curious/appalled, Eels and I want dogs but can’t have them in our apartment yet, so we have Skipit, who requires virtually no maintenance at all.

Hope you all continue to have a sweet New Year holiday, keep rockin’ into the New Year, I’ll see you when I kick this cold!

4 responses to “New Year’s Fail”

    • Ugggghhhh I can't stomach Robitussin, it's too gross. Reminds me of being sick and helpless as a child. But I never had NyQuil until I was an adult, so it doesn't bother me as much. Is it weird that I always toast the mirror "L'Chaim" before I down my NyQuil?

    • Oh, there's a wine glass and aspirin there, I was trying to imply a mega-hangover, but I like thinking that maybe he danced naked with a lampshade on his head, as is NYE custom!

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