There’s A Place For Us… ? Somewhere ?

  Guess what? I guest-starred on a podcast!   Yes, AGAIN.   My friends at Did You Hear The One…? had me back to tell a LONGER story with A LOT MORE SWEARING!   I told a story about one-night stands, puke, and my favorite thing of all: NEW YORK.[…]

Currently… in June 2016

FEELING:  A bit lost, to be honest. My internship is over, and I’m back on the hunt for a new…purpose, really.  I’m doing pretty well so far out of the gate, pitching and sending emails and applying to jobs, but I’m frustrated because I want something to happen RIGHT NOW![…]

The Chicken, Or…?

Author’s note:  this story came to me, in full, in a dream.  I have no idea what it means, or if it means anything.  I woke up remembering few details, but felt the punchline was worthy of being shared.  The moral, I think, is that women cannot embrace a liberated[…]

The Princess and the Stalker

As I shared last week on Femnasty, it’s my 2-year anniversary of taking my stalker to the cops and getting an Order Of Protection.  I shared about the situation and what happened a year ago, but I’m not done. See, the problem is, stalking like what happened to me is[…]

“The Fuckin’ Ugly Duckling” & Dermatology Update

So it has been six weeks since the dermatologist.  Six weeks, remember?  She said I wouldn’t even START to see a positive change in my skin until at LEAST six weeks. Which is why I was so excited that my face had been responding to treatment since day ONE!  Yay! […]