GOOD NEWS! Congrats to the WINNER of ALL STARS 3!!!

  Hello hello hello!!!   I am *not* revealing (Ru-vealing?) any spoilers, I am just going to say that I was VERY PLEASED with the outcome of All Stars 3, even if I had to pause the episode four minutes and fourteen seconds before the end to take an Anxiety Shit before[…]

If I Only Had 48 Hours To Live

  Yep, I’m a morbid goth kid 4 life. But I think about this a lot: how I want to spend the end of my life. Frankly, it’s a lot easier (for me) to idealize the end of my life, than to imagine or plan for the next five years, fifteen years, FIFTY years.[…]

I Hear Dead People: The Playlist

  If one thing doesn’t need to be said about 2016, it’s that we lost a lot of GREAT MUSICIANS. David Bowie, Prince, George Michael — I started listening to all of their songs together and realized, you know what? This is objectively a GREAT PLAYLIST. And then, Oh my God, Chuck[…]

A Photo With The Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Well, look at me. Me and the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Trying to force some festive shit out of this anus of a year. 2016. I repeat: 2016 was an asshole. Six years ago this month, I got a visit from an old friend. December 8th, it was. I’ve been thinking[…]