Currently… in February 2019


FEELING:  Well, honestly, I’ve lost the last week and a half to being very, very sick. It started with that achy feeling in my bones, then turned into a fever that lasted for about a week, and now I have this lingering very wet deep chest cough. It really does feel like I spent the second half of the month in bed, in a daze, trying to stay warm and comfortable. I can’t wait to be well again!


WATCHING: So much TRASH: The Bachelor, 90-Day Fiancée, RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4, Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. My boyfriend is a movie buff, and I’ve been watching things with him: Mid-90’s, Inside Man, Bird on a Wire. 


LISTENING TO:  All the usual podcast suspects. I’ve been particularly charmed by Dark Poutine and Not Another True Crime Podcast this month, and I’ve been completely devouring the archives of the Bowery Boys podcast!


READING:  Guess what. I’ve barely been reading. ANYTHING. Blogs, articles… you name it. I’ve been too sick for anything but podcasts and trash TV.


WORKING ON:  I was off work basically all month. Things are starting to pick up now, and after how busy the previous few months were, it only makes sense that I hit a lull. And considering how sick I was, maybe that wasn’t the worst thing — I can’t imagine operating power tools with a high high fever! I’ve been trying to keep my blog consistent and grow my Instagram following. These, I know, sound like such paltry aims, but it makes me feel like I’m caught up in life. That and keeping food in the house, laundry washed, skin routine going… OH! And I touched up the roots of my hair! I had like TWO INCHES of root at the beginning of the year, and I finally did a pretty decent touch-up job!


THINKING ABOUT:  VALENTINE’S DAY! I LOOOVE VALENTINE’S DAY! I love the color RED, I love PINK, I love all the corny-ness. I bought a box of (gluten free) cupcakes at Trader Joe’s just because they had pale pink frosting. I’m an absolute SUCKER for this kind of stuff!


EATING:  Uhhh, those pink cupcakes…which I might go back in for more of! There’s a great Indian restaurant near my boyfriend’s house that makes incredible chana masala. We’ve also been roasting Brussels sprouts. I’m just happy to be eating solid food again, because for half the month I could barely stomach miso soup and plain rice crackers.


LOOKING FORWARD TO:    Well, obviously, Valentine’s Day! And work picking up more, I just love being busy and getting my hands dirty. It occurred to me while on an errand that January —which always feels like the longest month — is over, and that means that Spring must be on its way!


MAKING ME HAPPY:  I am SO IMPRESSED with myself that I’ve been doing these monthly posts for the past 6 YEARS! Yes, this is the SIXTH ANNIVERSARY of “Currently” and HOLY SHIT. I’m proud, but also, I feel so OLD??? I’ve been adding new patches to my winter coat, which is really a work of art at this point. I cut my own hair after Christmas because it was looking and feeling ratty, and now it feels thicker and healthier. I also spent a little bit of my Christmas money on some new makeup purchases, including the palette I’m wearing in the picture above, and have really been enjoying playing with color again.

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  1. I hope that cough goes away soon! It seems like there has been a lot of nasty cold/flu stuff going around.

    I too watch 90 day fiance. It’s so trashy and addicting!

    • Thanks! I’m still hacking up gross stuff, and it seems like everybody else around me is sick in some way too. C’est la February.

      I can’t stop watching Danielle and Mohammed, like, I hate him so much, and I can’t understand how she still has feelings for him??? I feel awful watching them but I’m addicted, like you!!

  2. Oh lort. I have the crud as well. For someone with a chronic illness, I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to doctors, but I finally broke down and went to urgent care after a while and immediately regretted it. I was in there for three hours (like two hours of that being spent waiting), and basically the end result was the doctor shrugging and saying, “I don’t really know what to do here.” Ok. Thx bai. At least he did prescribe me some stuff and I’m feeling back to my “normal” sick self. What are your thoughts on The Bachelor right now or are you going to be putting up a post about it soon? Caelynn putting herself out there gave me and my friend a lot to talk about. I don’t mind Valentine’s Day, but I do celebrate Galentine’s Day which is…in my mind…a little bit more refreshing even though all we will probably do is order pizza and brownies and watch something stupid/cool like Letterkenny or maybe even go all out there and watch The Indian in the Cupboard again (it still holds up) while we xacto knife things and show each other stupid stuff on the internet. Justgirlythings. Hope you feel better soon!

    • I’m DREADFULLY CURIOUS what “xacto knife things” entails??? (I worked all week with an Xacto knife and though I can’t say what I was doing, I read this comment and was like “yeah I hear that”) and I honestly haven’t been motivated to talk about The Bachelor because honestly and horribly, this season is kinda boring me. Colton seems like a bland but nice enough guy (he’s NOT going to find a wife this season, obviously, I don’t watch or want spoilers but there’s no way he’s going to be decisive enough to actually settle down) and the #drama between the women feels even more forced than usual? I thought Caelynn’s… “admission”? “confession”? Was abrupt and very unsettling. THis season especially, there needs to be a word or term for when the girls sit down at dinner and feel like they have to tell Colton the worst thing that’s ever happened to them in their lives in order to like, BOND with him? Make him feel he needs to protect them? I don’t get it. Is it trendy to discuss trauma on first dates? What is the deal?… actually maybe there’s a blog post in there. But overall, I feel like Colton has already picked his top 7, and we’re just waiting week after week for him to trim away the extra girls and get down to like, the ones he ACTUALLY remembers their names.

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