Currently… in August 2018


FEELING:  SWEATY. This summer is HOT, HOT, HOT! I mean, yeah, duh, global warming and all that. The humidity in NYC is, as it is every summer, occasionally unbearable! I saw people PUKING from heat the other day. It’s brutally intense! As a result, I’ve been mostly a homebody this month. There’s places I wanna go and things I wanna do, but the weather is so harsh (no surprise, it is every year) that I’m mostly hanging out indoors these days. Yeah, I’ve got a little cabin fever.


WATCHING: I’ve been watching a lot of TV inside in front of fans because it’s been brutally hot. Don’t blame me, blame global warming! While it’s been so hot that leaving the apartment makes me nauseous, I’ve been binging on The X-Files and Jersey Shore. I’m annoyed that The Bachelorette is almost over and I saw spoilers that she picked the WRONG GUY (sorry, spoilers?), so now I’m just waiting for Bachelor in Paradise to start up. I’m also OBSESSED with The Profit!!! Honestly, check it out. And The Real Housewives of New York. 


LISTENING TO:  That horrible Mamma Mia remake reminded me how much I like ABBA, and I also woke up in an ELO mood one day. I’ve been listening mainly to podcasts — soon I’ll have heard every episode of The Last Podcast on the Left, and I’m all caught up on Casefile!


READING:  I’m reading something! Aren’t you proud of me? Because I’m reading The Satanic Bible, by Anton LeVay. Yeah, the book that kid on the subway recommended to me. So basically I was listening to a podcast about Satanism, and I was like “Huh, that sounds pretty cool,” and wanted to learn more about their research on the subject, and the primary source that piqued my interest was Anton LeVay.


WORKING ON:  The studio has been pretty slow this month, but tours have been small & steady! I’ve been fortunate to be spending the majority of my weekends doing my favorite route down in Lower Manhattan, for really great audiences of very engaged and enthusiastic people. Oh! And one thing I’ve been meaning to be more disciplined about for a LONG time, I’ve started to be really consistent with! DREAM JOURNALING! The thing that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE, for me, is that I downloaded an app to my iPhone (yeah yeah, I know, but hear me out). See, the phone is the first thing I naturally reach for in the morning, on account of it is also my clock. “What time is it? Oh, better write my dream into my dream journal!” Open Dream Journal Ultimate, enter a title for the entry, then type it out in as much detail as I can muster with my eyes half-shut. The COOL THING about dream journaling is that it’s TRUE! The more you record your dreams, the more you remember them! I’ve always had vivid, sometimes even prophetic, dreams. I’m not even working towards lucid dreaming, I’m just entertained by my own subconscious and proud of my ability to make a new habit!


THINKING ABOUT:  I’ve been learning a lot about crystals and candle magick and rituals and horoscopes and the moon and stuff. It’s SHOCKING how the moon’s calendar syncs up to my own body’s calendar, and I’ve been making careful notes about that in my period tracker.


EATING:  I’ve been spending a lot of time over at my boyfriend’s place when I’ve been off work, and he lives near the most AMAZING tacos in Brooklyn! I’m a taco connoisseur, so you know from me, that means a lot. We went out to Catfish for brunch in the middle of the week and it was divine — I had a shrimp & crawfish omelette with cheesy grits and a whole lotta Pimm’s cocktails! Just like last month, I’ve been way into buying a loaf of gluten-free bread and a bag of those single-people avocados at Trader Joe’s and making my own avocado toast at home.


LOOKING FORWARD TO:  My ten-year anniversary of moving to NYC is in September! I’m so excited for fall, for Halloween, and for the new projects and things on the horizon that are still secret — shhh!!!     


MAKING ME HAPPY:  Overall, things are going really well. Still stable! I feel like I’ve got a good base now to start building from. It’s no coincidence that I’ve been more productive on this blog. It’s like I finally have the brainspace to devote to it. It feels awesome to get back to this. My plants are growing, my crystals are charged, my bangs are bangin’. Let’s do this!

4 thoughts on “Currently… in August 2018

  1. I binge watch a lot of TV myself when I am not reading. So I have some questions. I don’t even want to know about The Bachelorette spoilers (eek). But I do want to know if you have watched any of the knew X-Files episodes? I watched them and then now am re-watching the older (and better) X-Files episodes, and wanted your perspective on these new episodes if you’ve watched them. As for The Real Housewives of New York, do you happen to have a favorite? SORRY for all the questions. I’m just a curious george.

    1. Question away! I admit Bethenney is a favorite, but this season, Sonya has been so fun to watch (I keep picturing her in her bed surrounded by construction, cereal, and tiny dogs, remember THAT?). Carole is amusing of course because she has slowly devolved into being a sentient cursèd coat hanger. But I love her clooooothes!

      I haven’t seen any of the new X-Files – I’ve been meticulously watching them all the way through, I’m in season 2 right now! I just watched the one about the side-show carnies and I was like STUNNED by how good that episode was! I’ll get around to the new ones in time, though!

      1. Bethenny has me wrapped around her finger. But Sonya… her leaving the price tag on her swimsuit, for instance, had me. It just had me. I think she is one of the only sane ones this season who just happens to be hilarious at the same time. (That scene you mentioned was doggone funny btw. Get it, get it?) Carol always blabs about how busy she is but what does she do besides collect lots of animals named Baby? I KNEW you would like her clothes, though!!

        I think watching The X-Files episodes all the way through is probably best. I almost forgot about that episode you mentioned! GR8888

        1. I just have to respect Bethenny because she’s been consistent throughout. Like, she’s always been outspoken, but never intentionally MEAN. When she was broke, and when she got rich, when she’s got a man and when she’s on her own, she’s always BETHENNY, and I respect the hell out of her charitable work.

          I LOLed at Sonya leaving the tags on because you get more at the consignment store. I love what a character she is!

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