GOOD NEWS! SNL is Funny Again!


Hey, Super Troopers! What a week it’s been! ( <– I am starting this post on Monday, as usual )


We gotta start off with THIS: John Mulaney hosted SNL this past weekend and it was INCREDIBLE. You really should watch the whole thing (especially his monologue, which I never wanted to end) but this skit was the one that cracked me up and made me wonder if I was living in some weird perfect dream world:




This article in The New York Times about Stockholm’s preschools + gender gave me the warm fuzzies, and I strongly recommend reading it when you need a boost.



Have a relaxing weekend, everybody! I am doing two tours today, then assisting with a fitting on Sunday. Good thing I scrambled to do my laundry on Wednesday! The weather turned colder, but I hear that it’ll stabilize in the 60’s next week. Let’s hope so!

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