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  • GOOD NEWS! SNL is Funny Again!

    GOOD NEWS! SNL is Funny Again!

      Hey, Super Troopers! What a week it’s been! ( <– I am starting this post on Monday, as usual )   We gotta start off with THIS: John Mulaney hosted SNL this past weekend and it was INCREDIBLE. You really should watch the whole thing (especially his monologue, which I never wanted to end)…

  • Not yr “Bubble”

    Not yr “Bubble”

    I wanted to be “over it,” but I’m not “over it.” As much as it pains me to accept the comparison, I — much like the Pubescent-Elect — am upset over an SNL skit. First, you have to watch the video. Watch it aaaaaaaall the way to the end. That last joke! The one at Brooklyn’s…