GOOD NEWS! I’m Busy Work-work-work-work-work-workin’!


Wondering why it’s so quiet around here? No, it’s not because I’m so depressed that I can’t get it together to actually form a sentence — that was last week. This week I’m doing a lot better, because I’m at work! Yes, thank GAWD, I have something to take my mind off the crushing hopelessness during the daytime hours. And then I sleep! And tbh, I’ve been having some VIVID dreams lately. Like, some WEIRD stuff. I dreamt that I gave SNL cast member Pete Davidson a sensual foot massage in a sushi bar. So I think the takeaway is that I need to spend less time watching SNL reruns and actually get laid. Haha, as if.


One fun thing that happened this week, as you can see from the picture above, is that I had to run a work errand to SoHo, and while doing so, I snapped a pic of the ceiling of the subway station from the escalator. Can you guess which one it is??….. Yes, that’s right! It’s the Broadway-Lafayette BDFM-6! I call it the “BDFM” because if you say it out loud it sounds like…. Yes, that’s right kids! Ask your mom or dad what that means.


So I’ve had little-to-no-time to find funny stuff on the Internet to share with you this week, sadly, so here’s what made me giggle. Hope ya like it.


The “Polishing foil balls” trend is something I can absolutely get on board with.



I love how this poll turned out, haha:



What’s everyone planning for this weekend?!? I need to CLEAN MY ROOM. I’ve been eating rie cakes in bed and let’s just say… it’s not a good idea. On Saturday night, I hope to take myself to the Guggenheim museum on pay-what-you-want-night to see the Dahn Vo exhibit that I’m super hyped about! I’m also helping out at a fitting for work on Sunday, and I desperately need to get into Manhattan to pick up groceries and toiletries. Busy busy all the time!


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