GOOD NEWS! I’m Busy As Hell, Which Is A Good Thing!


Oof my gawd, this week is busy but amazing! It started on Saturday, when I finally made it out to the Guggenheim to see Dahn Vo’s exhibit “Take My Breath Away,” and looking back, it definitely did! It was also my first time at the ‘heim, or the Guug, and I have two affectionate nicknames for it because I adorrrrrred it. It’s an interesting concept, and I will definitely make an effort to return again for future exhibitions.


This week, I learned of the LEGEND that is Vega Blossom, the 19-year-old bakery customer who literally bought ALL the cupcakes to spite a fat-shaming customer behind her in line. Ohmigod. She’s just wonderful. I hope she enjoyed EVERY LAST ONE (via HuffPo).



Marnie is the most photogenic living being on the planet, I will not hear otherwise:





We’re finally getting that nice weather we wanted! Just in time for me to have my FIRST BIG TOUR of the season – a huuuuuge group in Greenwich Village on Saturday! The trees are starting to pop leaves, and it smells like spring, and I can’t wait to wind through the Village on a warm evening, telling the stories that I love. Then I’m working in the studio all day Sunday, but it’s supposed to be cold and rainy so I don’t mind! Hope you ALL enjoy the sunshine while you can!


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