GOOD NEWS! Put The Bass In Your Walk


This week, a judge awarded over $6M in damages to the artists of 5 Pointz, whose work was painted over by the developers of the high-rise buildings that were being built on the spot where the famed open-air street art collection once stood. YEAAAAAHHHHHH striking one against THE MAN! I was so fortunate to visit 5 Pointz before it was destroyed by capitalist greed (the owl above is from 5 Pointz, back in 2013). The news is usually very, very bleak. It feels like corruption and greed are supreme, everywhere. Nothing can undo what has been done, but this…was a tiny ray of hope through the murky darkness. Justice. This warmed my heart this week.


NYLON reports that junk food is TRENDING!!! Chromat’s fashion show featured Cheetos. CHEETOS! Cheetos are one of my favorite snacks, and I’m forever touting their deliciousness to the Cheeto-nonbelievers.


I found this article about London and WWII totally fascinating. If you’re into gruesome, sordid history (like me!) you’ll definitely want to know the ghastly secret behind London’s fences (via Mental Floss).


I’m a big fan of Yanis Marshall, and of course




And I’m now following THIS Twitter, because…I mean… come onnnnn:


Have a great weekend! I’ll be working, which is GOOD. Keeps me busy, keeps me out of trouble!

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