MAYO MIXES: Should We? Why DID We?

  You know mayonnaise is a huge part of my #personal brand. It’s all about the THREE M’S: Mayonnaise. Murder. and… Manhattan? I think. Yeah. Good intro.   So I just saw that Heinz β€” the ketchup company β€” has introduced these two new “mayo mixes” to the market: MayoMust[…]

Recipes That Prove That Humans Are Monsters

  I feel pretty gross and guilty for my mayo-cheese-and-sriracha sandwiches. That’s what they are. Gluten free bread, a thick layer of Kewpie mayo on both slices, a hearty drizzle of Sriracha hot sauce, and two slices of Provolone cheese. I’m a bad person. I’m disgusting. This is my favorite[…]

Kewpie, Doll

  My hot new summer obsession is mayonnaise.   I apologize for making you think of “hot” and “summer” and “mayonnaise” all in one sentence. Ew. Gross.   Let’s rephrase:   I’ve just discovered KEWPIE mayonnaise, this luxurious Japanese mayo that comes in a soft and lovely squeeeeeeezey bottle.  […]