All I Want For Christmas Is…

a candle that smells like evergreen trees.

LUSH bath bombs.

gluten-free avocado toast. Yes, really.

Epsom salts for my poor achy body to bathe in.

Furry boots. size US 9. warm feet > pride

a lifetime supply of unscented tealights and novena candles.

warm knee socks. what have I just said about warm feet. honestly.

a Target gift card to buy new bras to replace the ancient ones I threw away after they somehow got destroyed in a laundromat incident which I can’t discuss because it’s an open investigation

potting soil … for my ongoing life’s work of propagating succulents.

Clinique All About Lips.

a new toothbrush.

and these.
I stg I can’t find these any damn where in the city.


2 responses to “All I Want For Christmas Is…”

  1. Epsom salts. The only salt I use too much of.

    1. I got some Lavender-scented ones and they were really nice but like, why are Epsom salts SO EXPENSIVE in New York City? I’m on and they ask $2 a bag, I spent $6 on mine! I’m gonna order and have it shipped. Damn this tiny island! All the necessities are so pricey! Coffee for the tired! Epsom salts for the achy! Avocado for the avocado toast instagrams!!!

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