The Backup Plan


So this week has been a ride! It started off pretty good, everything going well, things were looking up, even! AND NOW I’m here on the couch like, crying and watching animal videos and feeling completely hopeless. Let’s give this a run-down:

  • I had a couple of job interviews that I thought I had done well at, but then I asked for input and I got ripped to shreds so now, after spending all week feeling optimistic and hopeful about finally being employed, I’m certain that I’ll just fail and be disappointed again.
  • All the Republican voter suppression and fear tactics are scaring the crap out of me and I’m afraid to even work the poll for the election. Fuck Donald Trump and his supporters so much for trying to become a fucking dictator by scaring everyone away from objecting to him.
  • The news is just a mess of terrifying beta-male rape apologist doxxing nonsense and I’m so afraid to even exist right now as a human woman in society.

I’m trying not to take this to the extreme i.e. “I can’t live on this planet anymore, I hope I don’t wake up tomorrow,” so I’ve decided that I’m going to fantasize about a backup plan.


Yes, my backup plan. When all goes to hell, as I’m currently certain it will, my backup plan is to run away and join a sheep herd. Yep, that’s my backup plan. I want to be a sheep. I want to pull the wool over my eyes, follow a dog around, and bleat endlessly. I’m going to just literally become a girl in sheep’s clothing and wander around a field. It’s the actual point where I can’t handle this bullshit anymore, and I just want to check out of reality. And as long as we’re checking out of reality as a nation, I want to become a sheep. That is all.


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