Scary Cakes? GTFO.

photo by Mike Mozart on flickr

Let’s be honest: Halloween is very much MY BRAND. I’ve been a professional ghost story teller for five years, JFC. Gore + makeup + candy = SOLD.

But I can’t get behind this pun.

I saw these “Scary Cakes” at the grocery store with my boyfriend over the weekend and I just have to say, WAHT. On the same cardboard display, we had Twinkies with “Scream Filling” (ok) and “GLO-BALLS” (nice try, leave puns to the professionals) and these. SCARY CAKES. Clearly, nobody tried that day.

I’m sorry to say that my gut reaction was, “WTF, Hostess? Could you NOT think of something more clever?” But I’ve been thinking about it ever since then, and honestly, I can’t. I’ve been trying. Coming up completely empty-handed.

You win this round, Scary Cakes. I guess.


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