Currently… in September 2016

ridiculously happy at Burning Man


FEELING:  Confused! I just got back from Burning Man yesterday (YESTERDAY!) and after over two weeks of living entirely for Burning Man, I’m confused how to reintegrate to my life. My to-do list is miles long, and it’s a little daunting, but not nearly as intense as trying to take my incredible experience and figure out how to let it enrich my life for the rest of the 355 days of the year.

WATCHING:  I’ve been off the grid for so long, that I’ve almost forgotten, but there’s hours of Bachelor in Paradise waiting for me to catch up on!

LISTENING TO:  While bartending out in the desert, I forced our patrons to listen to Double Fantasy and Stop Making Sense.

READING:  Before we left for our trip, my boyfriend gave me a copy of a book called Learned Optimism: How To Change Your Mind And Your LifeIt’s a good read, it makes a lot of sense, but the real work is in putting the lessons into practice. Self help is HARD!

WORKING ON:  I just got trained to work the polls for the next two upcoming elections, and I’m excited to make some money! The first election is a local primary next week, and then of course, the historic 2016 presidential election in November. I’m sort of thrilled at the idea that I’ll be able to say that I worked the polls in this election!

THINKING ABOUT:  How to live like Burning Man every day. Ugh, it sounds so corny, but understand where I’m coming from: I’ve been fruitlessly searching for a job for over a year now. Out there, I cooked the camp’s meals/hoisted up the shade structure/made new friends and charmed strangers/rode a bicycle against a storm. Now I’m back here, high off all this inspiration and achievement, and I’m starting from square one…AGAIN.

EATING:  Yes, you read that right, I cooked some of the camp’s meals! I’ve never cooked tempeh before, but I made some pretty bang-up tacos with it! I’m seeking to embark on a new culinary adventure, too, and I have to get some of that Vietnamese instant coffee I drank every morning on the playa into my life!

LOOKING FORWARD TO:  It’s GHOST TOUR SEASON, and I can’t wait for business to start picking up! Halloween is coming faster than you know it! I love fall — or in the modern vernacular, pumpkin spice season — so I’m very happy about autumn hues, autumn spices and *cross fingers* autumn candles!!



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