Inside the SOLD OUT Museum of Ice Cream!


When we heard through the grapevine — okay, Facebook — that there was going to be a limited-run, popup Museum of Ice Cream in New York this summer, we immediately bought tickets.

museum of ice cream neon sign

Turns out, that was a good move, because by the time we got around to going, the event was SOLD OUT. That’s right, y’all, if you haven’t been yet, your only chance to experience the Museum of Ice Cream is RIGHT HERE, vicariously, through MOI.

wall of ice cream cones

That’s right, “get it while you cone!” Ouch. Sorry. I hate me for that pun. Right inside the door, we got our first taste of the sweet stuff!

ice cream lights up my life

Oh my gosh, I’m sweaty in this pic! I look positively feverish with excitement, because next up, they made helium-filled candy balloons. YEP. Helium-filled candy balloons. You want to scoot over to my Facebook to see my adorable boyfriend eating one of these (make sure you’re listening to his squeaky voice!).

Bill and Meghan in the sprinkle pool

From scooping ice cream, to the chocolate room, to the main attraction: a 3-ft deep swimming pool filled with sprinkles! I dove right in and had the greatest time (and so did someone else I know…)

balls deep in sprinkles

Finally, an automat of soft-serve with delicious lemon slices on top.

lemon ice cream cone

Yo, I never would have thought of putting lemon slices on ice cream, but this was DELICIOUS. Tart and sweet and sour, oh my!


Lastly, there was a see-saw of an ice cream scooper and a swing made to look like a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich! It was awesome and my friend took some pictures of us on the swing which all came out SO ADORABLE but this one takes the ice cream cake:

ice cream swing

We GIFed the rest!


So count yourself lucky — you got to visit the Museum of Ice Cream (vicariously) even though it was the hottest ticket in town! Or should I say, coolest? And best of all, NO BRAIN FREEZE! That’s the scoop!


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