Exciting Announcement!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m writing advice for Femnasty

I’ve been a huge fan of the website ever since last fall, when the Basic Bitch article caught my eye and tbh, my heart exploded.  I was all, OMG, these girls totally get it.  I am so proud to be working alongside the team who are so positive, thoughtful, and brave when sharing their thoughts about body hair, labiaplasty, mean girls, dating and more!  If you love reading bold and clever feminist rhetoric, you need to check it out!

Today I posted my first-ever advice to a reader-submitted question:  read all about the Sucky Venn Diagram of Coworker Friend Crush Suck today!

While you’re at it, check out my first column over there about breakups and heartbreak and the dreaded “line:”  How To Deal With The Worst Breakup Line Ever !!!

Yes, that last one is based on a true story!  Are you brave enough to spill your guts to an Internet stranger?  I will answer your queries with no names and no judgement!  Sassy and anonymous advice awaits you courtesy of meghansara@femnasty.com !  Tell me all your secrets, and I’ll tell you no lies!  Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and awesome here on my blog, I hope you’ll enjoy seeing me get ‘nasty’ over on Femnasty!!!

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