QUIZ! Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?

1.  What do you wear to Thanksgiving Dinner?

A.  Well, if I have time, I’m going to change out of this apron and into a nice outfit.

B.  Call me when the food’s ready, I’m still wearing the pajamas I slept in.

C.  Are jeans too casual?  I should wear a shirt with a collar, right?  Do you think they’ll like me?

D.  You’re kidding, right?  Of course I’m wearing my “Gobble Gobble” Turkey sweater!  Everyone loves it!

2.  What’s your least favourite part of the holiday?

A.  All the work *heaviest of heavy sighs*

B.  Tryptophan comas, passing out and missing the last quarter of the game!

C.  Meeting new people, impressing the family, I hope they all like me!

D.  Shops that open on Thanksgiving night for Black Friday.  Hello!  Let people have their holiday!  It’s a family time! *sheds a tear*

3.  What are you most looking forward to about Thanksgiving?

A.  All the compliments I’m going to receive on my brilliantly executed feast!

B.  Whuzzat?  I was watchin’ the football.

C.  Um, being with people, I guess?  It beats eating dinner by myself.

D.  The family, the traditions, and the kickoff to the Christmas season!  Woohoo!

4.  It’s Thanksgiving, so there’s gonna be a family feud!  Whose side do you take?

A.  MINE!  This is my dinner, and I’m the one leading this feud!

B.  You mean, which football team am I cheering on, right?

C.  I’m definitely on, uh, what’s her name? The one I just met?  Yeah, her side.

D.  Why do we have to fight YOU GUYZ let’s just all get along and have a happy holiday!!

5.  What are your after-dinner plans?

A.  Well, I have to finish carving the turkey and making the take-home leftover boxes for everyone…

B.  Couch.  Football.  Sleep.

C.  So, uh, I guess I’ll make conversation? Um, what do you do?

D.  I’ll help with dishes!  Can I get anyone a drink?  Oooh it’s DESSERT TIME!


If you answered mostly A’s, you’re the Turkey! 

Thanksgiving dinner is all about YOU and yeah, you know it.  As the star of this whole meal, you’re getting to be kind of a diva about it.  You’re stuffed, alright – full of yourself.  Relax a bit, it’s just a holiday, and holidays are supposed to be fun, right?

If you answered mostly B’s, you’re Mashed Potato

The rest of the year, you’re just a couch potato, but during the Holiday season, you’re the mashed potatoes.  Hey!  Eyes off the TV, I’m talking to you!  You are barely even aware of the holiday season, as long as it coincides with Football season.  Could you at least load the dishwasher or something?  Turkey is mad at you for not helping, in case you haven’t noticed.  Big surprise, you haven’t noticed.  We’ll deal with this after the Super Bowl, I guess.

If you answered mostly C’s, you’re the Casserole!

Let’s get real: you’re only here because someone brought you to be nice.  It’s weird for you, it’s weird for everybody, we get that.  Maybe you’re dating someone at the meal, maybe you’re made of quinoa, maybe your family lives too far away for you to visit, maybe you’re vegan.  Whatever.  We’re all just going to be polite and not make this weirder than it has to be.

If you answered mostly D’s, you’re Pumpkin Pie!

Aww, aren’t you sweet?  Without you, this dinner would be a disaster.  You’re feeding Turkey’s ego with much-needed compliments, making the Casserole feel included and less awkward, and politely ignoring Mashed Potatoes unlacing his sweatpants at the dinner table.  You’re having a good time, and that’s the most important thing.  You’re such a fabulous addition to the Thanksgiving dinner table, we’re thinking of having you back for Christmas as well.  Thanks for being such a sweetie!


8 responses to “QUIZ! Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?”

  1. I am half Casserole, half Pumpkin Pie. Fitting.

    1. I can totally picture you being pumpkin pie! So cheerful!

      I'm the casserole every year – always on the outside, looking in. Sigh.

  2. Would be funny if I were the turkey, since I am a vegetarian! This is a fun post. Thanks for sharing, and happy holidays to you!

    1. I'm a vegetarian too! I know some people in my family who are very much "The Turkey". Thanks for visiting!!

  3. Aww, I wanted to be mashed potatoes. No because I like football, but because I realllly like taters.

    1. I love potatoes! I once had the idea for a restaurant called "Spud" that would serve only potato-related dishes: gnocchi, baked potatoes, curly fries, latkes, tater tots, DISCO FRIES! Maybe the restaurant is a big ambitious, so I'd throw a potato potluck instead where everybody brings a different potato dish. Call it a POTatoLuck dinner! That would be SUCH FUN.

  4. Partially pumpkin pie, partially casserole. Makes sense! 😀

    1. Those are both the highlights for me! Lotsa people seem to be getting that answer…maybe there should be a hybrid category answer: Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows!! Kinda in between the two, right?

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