What’s Your Go-To Pose?

When someone aims a camera at you, you have to ACT FAST!  What do you do when the shutter’s on YOU?  Peace sign?  Duckface?  Maybe Duck-and-run-for-cover?  Put your hand in your hair and look down at the ground?

Looking back at photos from my college years, it’s clear that I thought my best look was to make “The Rocker,” hold it under my chin and squeeze my eyes shut.  Most of the time I would open my mouth in a silent scream, although sometimes, I would purse my lips together (my eyes would always be squinted shut) to show how seriously committed I was to silently rocking out in my own head.

I should probably be embarrassed of this pose, but I actually think it works for me!  Have you studied your poses and come up with a “signature move”?  What does it say about you?  Do you prefer to look serious in photographs?  Happy?  Or do you just run away from cameras altogether?  Comment and link up your Instagram so I can see your signature pose in action!!


2 responses to “What’s Your Go-To Pose?”

  1. My signature move is just to grin like an idiot. lol Your move is definitely better.

    1. Thanks!!! I grin blankly when I get caught off-guard! Gotta remember this pose!!

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