5 Fandom Friday: Favourite Seasonal Foods

Yay for 5 Fandom Friday!  As a gluten-free-pescetarian, I probably have a very different list from most people?  I don’t get to have fun with cookies, or pie, and I don’t eat turkey and stuffing, but there are certain treats that I always look forward to enjoying around the holidays!!

1.  Festive Sugar  is a Christmas thing, really, but tbh, there’s probably Festive Sugar in the sugar bowl at my parents’ house from last year right now.  Its intended use is to roll Peanut Butter Blossoms in, but you always have enough leftover to sprinkle in your coffee!

2.  Cheesecake  my dad is a cheesecake fanatic, so having one for the holidays is a given!  Luckily, Wegmans near my folks’ house sells loads of Gluten-free stuff, including pie shells, so this is really easy to make safe for me, too!

3.  Tempura  this is going to sound CRAZY, but I don’t care:  so many, many years ago my family got a deep fryer, and we used it to make tempura, which is battered-and-deep-fried vegetables.  We have found a gluten-free flour to make this with, so it’s pretty awesome, AND gluten-free soy sauce (tamari would also work) to dip it in!

4.  Shrimp Cocktail  is just cooked shrimp and spicy dipping sauce, not that big a deal, right?  Oh but you would be WRONG.  My family can eat a terrifying amount of shrimp. 


I saved the best for last, you guys, you’re all gonna be making this for Christmas…

5.  Buckeyes  do you even know what you’re missing here??  Buckeyes are the greatest holiday food you should be making right now.  First of all, if you love Reese’s, these are going to be your absolute favourite “cookie.”  Secondly, they’re so easy even I can make them!  There’s under five ingredients, and the hardest part will be completing all the steps without just eating them all.  If you make two dozen before resorting to just stuffing peanut butter balls in your mouth and licking liquid chocolate out of the pan, you can count it as a success!  I wrote a post last year explaining how to make these, it’s super-simple, there’s no baking involved, there‘s only a handful of ingredients and YOU ARE GONNA LOVE THEM!!!

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