What Was Your First Drink?

When you were a toddler, your parents might have slipped you sips of beer, or let you taste the champagne at a wedding, but I want to know:  what was your first “real” alcoholic beverage like?  How old were you?  Did you like it?

I was a few months shy of my 21st birthday (therefore UNDERAGE) and hanging out with some friends at their house who were all over 21, all drinking.  They convinced me to try some, and I was nervous about getting drunk (off one drink!) but figured it would help along the aspirin I’d taken for a headache.  Kids At Home, Don’t Do What I Did!  I was mixing pills and liquor, and I was headed for disaster! 

They mixed me A SHOT of Ginger Ale with a splash of Watermelon Pucker in it, and I sipped it slowly over the course of an hour.  I didn’t care for it much, because the Ginger Ale was stale and flat.  I fell asleep ( ! ) while we were all watching an anime (Chobits!) together, and woke up to my friends teasing me because I had “passed out drunk!” 

I remember driving home paranoid as hell, going exactly the speed limit, afraid that if I got pulled over, I’d get in trouble for “drinking and driving underage”!  Oh, I was such a cautious and scared little teenager…funny how things work out!

sound off:  did you wait until you could drink legally, or sneak a
drink underage like me?  Were you unimpressed, as I was, or was it love
at first sip?  Extra points if the story is adorable, embarrassing, OR

24 responses to “What Was Your First Drink?”

  1. My first non-beer drink was probably during my trip down the beach for Senior Week. I was with 2 of my girlfriends and we had some rum with us. I remember us mixing it with coke because that's what you do right? I mean, I was probably only 17 at the time. What did we know! I'm pretty sure we ended up drinking the entire thing. We made some boozie slush drinks too. Shocking that the details are blurry. LOL

    • WOAH so you'd had beer before that? OoooOOOOooooo!!! My friends and I did the same thing with vodka at Coney Island a few years back. Kept drinking from a Big Gulp and adding vodka to fill it up until it was mostly vodka, and we were high over Brooklyn in a swinging car of the Wonder Wheel. One of my closest to death experiences, as you lurch backward into freefall on the super-tall Ferris Wheel, blasted out of my mind. How I didn't puke, I'll never know.

    • Oh I puked but SOME HOW it went RIGHT back into the empty cup and was the…perfect?…amount and didn't spill out. It was a gross miracle.

  2. My friend and I definitely snuck our first drinks at her block party when we were in 10th grade. I remember we had a mixed drink that we took to the end of the block and shared and we were both trying to figure out if it made us feel anything (it didn't, obviously since we weren't sure!). A few years later her mom called us out on it and were shocked that she knew because we thought we were being so stealthy!

  3. This is funny. My first drink?? 16 at the Tiger Roast. Bacardi 151 mixed into the apple cider 🙂 My first time getting drunk, 17 after Junior Prom.

    • I am LEGIT SHOCKED that there was drinking at the Tiger Roast. Good-girl me was too straight edge to even realize those things were going on. :-O Your comment made me laugh SO HARD though, because now SO MANY things about high school make sense!

  4. You actually had a 6 ounce bottle of whiskey and water when you were a couple of months old. Your colic was so bad that you hadn't slept in days, and this was an "old family cure". You gulped it down and looked for more…..!

  5. My overly reasonable parents would let my brother and I have a small cordial glass of Chambord after dinner as an occasional dessert. This gave me a much too sensible view on alcohol. I'm not even sure how old I was.

  6. My overly reasonable parents would let my brother and I have a small cordial glass of Chambord after dinner as an occasional dessert. This gave me a much too sensible view on alcohol. I'm not even sure how old I was.

    • I don't think I've ever, in my whole adult life, drank more than a sip of beer. Beer is hella gross and bitter and sour! Hard cider at least tastes GOOD. McKenzie's Seasonal Reserve is "Liquid Christmas" according to my boyfriend and beats beer no contest!!

  7. As a teen, I used to sneak sips of my mom's Kahlua mudslide – delish! I also remember sneaking a wine cooler in the hotel stairwell at a dance competition when I was 17. The first time I remember getting drunk was just before I turned 19. The dance team had a mixer with some frat and they were serving margaritas.

    • Oooooh MUDSLIDES!!! I forgot those were a thing!!! It's the most perfect combination of milkshake and booze!!! Now I want one!! Those dance competition parties sound FUN!!!

  8. The first time I drank an alcoholic beverage was 4 months before I was 18, so underage as well haha. I went to a party with some friends to Valencia and one of them was wearing red vodka with sprite and she told me to try it. I did and it was delicious, really sweet.
    I have to say that alcohol gets in my head really quick (even more the first time I tried it haha) and I felt a little bit dizzy in the club.
    Have a good day xx


  9. My first drink was a Sex on the Beach that my roommate freshman year ordered for me. She swore I would like it and I did. I also learned I had no tolerance that night and after another drink and trying multiple sips of everyone else's drink, I was definitely drunk. And when my dad called at 730 the next morning (on the weekend!) I was definitely hungover.

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