Blog Posts I Will Never Write

Hola!  I’m in the desert (eek!) by the time you read this, so it’s not like I’m blogging anything at the moment.  But for the love of clickbait, I swear to you, I will never write anything remotely close to these titles I see popping up in my feed all the time. 

Aren’t we all tired of reading the same thing over and over?  I try so hard to not be derivative, to stay true to myself, and be original.  This post could also be titled “Reasons Why My Blog Is Blah and Doesn’t Have 89K Followers on Bloglovin” because from the looks of it, the Blogiverse already has enough of these posts:

30 Kettle Bell Exercises to Gain 100 Blog Followers in A Week!

Photoshop Tips for Healthy Weeknight Dinners Even The Pickiest Kids Will Eat!

11 Bible Verses Guaranteed to Win the Man of Your Dreams!

Free Pattern:  Crocheted Kindle Cozy!

True Story:  How Dry Shampoo Helped Me Conquer Infertility!

A Sincere Pinterest Homage to the Best Pastels For Your Home!

[Adult] Diaper Bag Essentials!

Yeah, so, I’m sorry that I’m not planning a $200,000 wedding, or pregnant with twins, or glamping across India with my glamorous family in tow, or stomping around SoHo in couture outfits, or schilling for major brands (but we could change that, Trader Joe, wink wink!).

I won’t write about these things because that’s just not me.  What will I write about?  Well, after I get back from Burning Man, I’ll be bumbling around Brooklyn, reading funny books, indulging my bizarre appetite, chugging Bloody Marys, lacing up my Chuck Taylor’s and scouring the Big Apple for the most fun parts of life.  Sorry to disappoint.


2 responses to “Blog Posts I Will Never Write”

  1. No disappointment whatsoever…keep doing what you do!

    1. Thank you so much!!!

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