T-Shirt to Wall Art DIY

Here’s a handy trick:  check your pulse.  If you have one, chances are you also have a favourite T-shirt!

When I was in middle school, and my dad would go to conferences in other cities, he would bring back T-shirts for me.  Two of the absolute prettiest were hand-painted shirts from New Orleans, Louisiana.  I’ve hung onto these shirts for years because of the sentimental value and also, duh, they’re so pretty!

But to be honest, they were kind of worse for wear.  Because adolescent Meghan wore them ALL THE TIME, they had stains around the collar and in the pits.  Gross!  So I wasn’t going to be wearing these any more, how better could I enjoy them?

BINGO!  An idea Muy Ingenioso!  This blog had very easy to follow, step-by-step photos for how to turn treasured tees into permanent public displays of t-shirt affection by stapling them to a pre-stretched canvas!  Here’s how my process went down:

ASSEMBLE!!!  Got all my gear!

Be sure to cut very generously around the design – you can always trim later!

Stapling was easy to get the hang of.  Make sure you pull your design flat so it lays taut against the canvas! 

Once finished, I trimmed the edge (I did not go over it with duct tape, as Muy Ingenioso did, but I also don’t have any duct tape on hand.  I can always go back later).

They were easy to hang and now they’re making the entrance to my apartment … well-dressed?  GET IT?!?  They were shirts!!  Now they’re decor!!!

was the easiest project and it cost me a total of $5 for a pair of
canvases at Michael’s.  It took less than an hour to complete and I love the results!

Gracias, Muy Ingenioso!  I’m so excited to check out more of your tutorials! 

Do you have any sentimental shirts you want to display?  Well, tell me about them!

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    • Michael's has canvases in multipacks, to save $$$. The shirts I used were kid's Large, and I found the 12×12 canvas was just big enough, but you'll definitely want to measure your design! Have fun!

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