5 Fandom Friday: On The BIG Screen!

Sooo, Hollywood is all about making movies of things.  And TV series.  And that’s terrible.  ART IS ART!  Okay?  Comics are a medium unto themselves.  Who ever suggested making a pilot of the Mona Lisa, or turning Starry Night into a blockbuster?  I can’t even wrap my head around how terribly stupid it would be to even try to take most of my favourite comics (such as The Black Mirror) and put them onto the big or little screen because they’re perfect just the way they are!!!  But if Hollywood needs suggestions of which dreams of mine they can destroy…

1.  Identity Crisis  is such a personal and sad story, I could see it becoming a TV series – they could always keep the run going with Villains United and then they would have…

2.  Secret Six  is gloomy, goofy, dark, disturbing, and frequently hilarious.  They’re just the type of characters that TV would love!

3.  The Long Halloween  would make an AWESOME movie (or miniseries for Netflix, 12 episodes) especially if it stayed true to the style of the art!

4.  Drinking at the Movies by Julia Wertz  would be a hilarous movie, if you could adapt it.  I would love to see some amazing unknown actress make a run for stardom playing the main character!

5.  Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel
  it’s 2015, and it’s time to have real lesbians on the screen and not just in the comics!  This was a teenage favourite of mine, and I would love to see the characters cast just right.  Can we make this a thing, PLEASE???

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    • Have you seen ads for "Trainwreck"?? It's offensive to me that we can have movies about dudes who are screwups and TV shows about male adult adolescents, but when a girl likes to drink and party she's a "TRAINWRECK." So I almost take back this answer because Hollywood would use it as an excuse to condemn a woman for living a perfectly normal life.

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