Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Salt Water Taffy

Trader Joe’s Salt Water Taffy

Tastes Like:
  Taffy!  Very sticky, if you’re a stickler for texture.  The Red Licorice flavour is, surprisingly, my favourite!  Followed by the Watermelon, which is just a bit more unique than average watermelon flavour.  The Strawberry Banana is just this side of cloying (still good!) and the Sour Apple flavour is not so much “sour” as “tart”.  It took me a while to warm up to the cherry flavour, as it was a bit strong, but if you really love cherry flavoured things, you’ll probably dig it!

Great With:  Dental floss!  When I say these suckers are sticky, I mean it!

Perfect For:  Bribing your students to work harder…just me?

Must Know:  Says “Gluten Free” right on the outside!  Right, why would there be gluten in taffy, I know.  It’s nice to be reminded sometimes  (This carrot is gluten-free!  This water is gluten-free!)

$1.99 for a bag that looks small, but packs a whole lotta taffy.

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