5 Fandom Friday: Binge-worthy

This week’s prompt is your most binge-worthy TV shows!  I have so many that when I start, I just can’t stop.  I don’t have “normal” TV, so all I ever do is stream, stream, stream on my Hulu! 

Here’s my most guilty binge-pleasures:

1.  Battlestar Galactica  is like Pringles – you can’t have just one!  YOU JUST CAN’T!  Start with the miniseries, next thing you know, you’re at the finale.  AGAIN!  It’s like a fine wine, getting better with each (repeat) viewing.

2.  Bob’s Burgers  is a show I’ve turned my boyfriend onto, and I’m so pleased! 

3.  Say Yes to the Dress  is the guiltiest pleasure possible.  Watching other women spend more money than you’ve ever had in your life on one dress?  You would think that would be depressing, but if you could think for yourself at that point, you wouldn’t be pressing “play” on the 23rd episode in a row, would you?  Say yes.  Always say yes.

4.  Doctor Who  classic story arcs are multi-epsiodes so you must watch four at a time!

5.  Teen Mom  YES!  Secret’s out!  I’m a total fan of this show.  Can’t even deal.  I’m totally hooked!

One response to “5 Fandom Friday: Binge-worthy”

  1. Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who – yes yes yes yes!!! From BSG, Kara is like my emotional twin. I adore her so much. Doctor Who, the 11th Doctor is totally my Doctor.

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