I Heart Valentine’s Day

Say what you like – bitter denizens of the internet.  Valentine’s Day absolutely rules. 

For one thing, it’s SO much better than Christmas.  Christmas is a weirdly-religious holiday when you’re obligated to buy presents for people to prove that you love them.  It’s also hectic and crazy, shoves itself in your face for MONTHS before and leaves you almost instantly afterwards with a massive letdown.

Valentine’s Day, however, brings its bright colours and cheer in mid-February – just when pretty much everything else is incredibly depressing.  Seriously, NYC in February?  All the pink is welcome, thanks.  And while you could argue religious roots to the holiday, pretty much nobody remembers that with the Hallmark stamp all over it.

And you may say, “aren’t we also forced to buy people presents for Valentine’s Day to prove our affection?”  Let’s break it down.  At Christmas, we’re always running around to make sure we have presents for EVERYONE, because EVERYONE expects a Christmas present, and oh no, what if someone gives you a present and you didn’t get one for them?  The season of giving indeed…giving each other ulcers over etiquette issues! 

However, nobody ever really expects Valentine’s Day gifts, so they’re true tokens of affection and gestures of love – again, at a time when the weather is blah and there hasn’t been a holiday for months and there won’t be another one for more months, so it really feels special!

So you may call me cheesy (when did I ever say I wasn’t?) but I’m so excited to celebrate this holiday with everyone I love.  I’ve had my cards since mid-January!  I’ll be decked head-to-toe in red and pink the whole week!  Just try and stop me!!

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