5 Fandom Friday: I LOVE WINTER!

Okay so I can’t say anything about the weather this winter so far in NYC because if I say something, I’ll jinx it.  Suffice to say, it’s been an pretty decent winter up in here and I ain’t exactly complaining about it.  So I might as well throw NYC some props for being cool during the winter, yeah?

1.  Tourists go home  I have a lot to say on the subject of tourists.  But for a brief period, a sliver of awesomeness, the tourists stay home!  And there’s no line at museums, no wait for tables, hell, if it weren’t for this “dead period,” I would never have tried Shake Shack!  (overrated).  This is the time to enjoy all the attractions the city has to offer without tourists…seeing you and thinking you’re one of them, that is.


2.  Central Park in Winter  has some sort of magical feeling to it.  Last year, after the park had iced over, I accidentally got lost in The Ramble (HEY! It happens!).  It was like I was climbing an iceberg!  Completely deserted and covered in ice, I was half certain I was going to slip and die and be found later and become the subject of a “ripped from the headlines” episode of Law & Order: SVU.  But another part of me was soooo astonished by the beauty of “nature” around me and really enjoyed the peaceful ice hike.

3.  NYC steps it up  when there isn’t nice weather to rely on, people focus their energy on making the indoors enticing.  New pop-up art shows and museum exhibits abound!  This is a great time to stalk TimeOutNY for movie screenings, dance classes, and art shows to fill your weekends with.

4.  Hot beverages  iced coffee can suck it, my friends.  Because there’s nothing better than lifting a bowl YES a bowl of coffee to your face.  To say nothing of tea, hot toddies, mulled wine, and HOT CHOCOLATE!  If you haven’t had the hot chocolate at Jaques Torres, you need to.  Better yet, start a hot chocolate turf war.  Defend the honour of your favourite local java place!

5.  Layers, Layers, Layers!  in the summertime, when the weather is hot, getting dressed is a game of “how little clothing can I wear in public and survive the heat?”  Winter is the time for creative dressers!  I have invested in an army of fleece-lined leggings for this year and have an enormous scarf that is the envy of all men.  When I leave the house, I look like a technicolour Grizzabella the Glamour Cat – as it should be.  Hats and scarves and muffs and mittens oh my!  Then it’s a game – if your aim is to wander and, say, play in Central Park all day, dress in many warm layers.  If you’re planning to go from inside a museum to a restaurant to a bar to a friend’s house, you’ll want to wear bulky outerwear over a light interior outfit for maximum comfort.  Once inside, shed the winter shell and emerge in a normal medium-weight outfit!  Ta-da!

9 responses to “5 Fandom Friday: I LOVE WINTER!”

    • Ha! Layers. They sound fun in August – "A dress with a cute jacket!" but by the time you get to "thermal tights with knee socks on top under thermal leggings under a dress with an additional skirt on top over a thermal shirt under a sweater under a hoodie under a fleece coat under a fur coat…" it gets out of hand!

    • YES! I was literally sliding down an icy fjord thinking "I die of hubris. I die because I got lost in the Ramble. Not only am I a bad New Yorker for getting lost in the Ramble, there isn't even anyone here having anonymous sex in the bushes (what the Ramble is famous for) to find my body when I fall and break my neck."

  1. You live in New York? That is so rad! I have only visited once and it was so magical. I remember sitting in a diner at 3am drinking black coffee and it was still so busy at 3am. So much fun. I hope I can see central park in Winter one day.

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