5 Fandom Friday: Favourite Fandom Accessories

As far as “accessories” go, I don’t really own that much, so I expanded this to include all fandom accoutrement that I’ve accumulated in my life.  Accessories, clothes, etc.

1.  Battlestar Galactica sweatshirt  will, surprisingly, make you the instant hit of the party.  I wore mine on New Year’s Eve and not only was I warm and comfy, everybody loved it!  I was an instant conversation starter as everyone either professed their intent to watch the series or quoted lines at me!  It was the best!  Well done, sweatshirt.  Lesson learned!

2.  Doctor Who 4th Doctor scarf 
made by me because I’m incredible and once upon a time I was undaunted by the idea of knitting constantly.  This puppy took me forever to complete and I’m so proud but I hardly ever wear it because I’m afraid of hurting him!  I should really change that, right?  What’s the point of having a totally warm and super badass accessory you never enjoy?

3.  Dalek Teacher T-shirt  was one of the first pieces of merch I ever bought at a con…aww!  I couldn’t resist those cute little chubby baby Daleks at the bottom!  This shirt is also made out of the softest cotton and feels soooo good.  Not to mention that, now that I’m teaching, it has a layer of meta to it.  On days when I’m having a bad day with my kids, I imagine myself a Dalek and it makes me laugh!

4.  POP sweater  speaking of my students…I wear this sweater every week (I don’t have a lot of clothes, okay?) and every week I get at least five compliments on it.  It’s nice to know my sartorial geekdom is appreciated…by ten year olds, but appreciated nonetheless!

5.  Robot In Love T-Shirt
  from Forbidden Planet, the coolest comic book shop in NYC and my favourite place to linger when I’m downtown.  I bought this shirt on the spot because it’s so adorable – see, he wants to express his love but doesn’t understand the feelings because he’s a robot!  My love/hate/fear relationship with robots all in one cute shirt and it’s hilarious to me.

So those are my favourite fandom accessories/clothes!  I wish I could dress up more at work to show my fandom because the kids love hearing me talk about comics, Magic the Gathering, Doctor Who, etc.  We talk about superheroes and their eyes get all wide and they ask me, “You like that stuff?”  Uh, yeah, of course!  But because I have to dress up (no jeans, no sweatshirts, no t-shirts) for work, I feel like I’m kind of limited.  Any ideas of Not-so-casual Everyday Cosplay, readers?  I’m all ears!


6 responses to “5 Fandom Friday: Favourite Fandom Accessories”

  1. I'd wear the scarf every scarf-worthy day – it's incredibly amazing!

  2. That Pop sweater is super cute!

  3. I absolutely love your 4th Doctor scarf! It looks awesome 😀

  4. I love that scarf! Even more awesome that you MADE it!

  5. love the pop sweater

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