#tbt Coney Island Dreamin’

This summer, I was determined to make my way to Coney Island before the end of the summer season and, one perfect day in September, I got my wish.

It was the absolute perfect Coney Island day.  I got off the train and right on the Cyclone.  From there, I had a latte (you can take the girl out of Manhattan…) and slipped out of my shoes to feel the waves rush over my feet and bury my toes in the sand.  The most amazing part was when the waves dragged away the beach right from under your feet, and you sank into the shoreline! 

Fortified by oysters and Nathan’s cheese fries, there were more rides,
rides and rides (and my first-ever Go-Kart experience!) before the sun
set late in the evening signalling time to board the train back from the
brink of Brooklyn up to my Harlem home.  But I am so glad for having spent a day at the beach when I had the chance!

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