Trader Joe's Tuesday: Soy Chorizo

Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo

Tastes Like:  SPOILER ALERT.  this may be the most delicious thing I’ve bought at Trader Joe’s EVER.  It’s spicy but not TOO spicy, the texture is sorta like ground beef but BETTER, less chewy.

Great With:  the instructions say to sauté to heat it up, and I would recommend adding very finely diced mushrooms or orange or green peppers when you cook it up!

Perfect For:  Breakfast:  toss in with scrambled eggs, broccoli, shredded Queso Blanco, mushrooms and scoop onto an English muffin

Lunch/Dinner: sauté it up and make tacos topped with sour cream, avocado, cheese, broccoli, spiralized zucchini

Snack:  heat it up and dump it on top of some blue corn chips and top with cheese so it melts and have the best nachos you can believe!

Must Know:  Labelled “gluten free” right on front, it’s vegan, this is a crowd-pleaser!

$1.99 apiece.  APIECE!  HALF of this package makes right tacos and a plate of nachos that was dinner for two hungry adults.  I also made an egg and veggie scramble with HALF a package and there was leftovers.  This stuff goes A LONG WAY, and it’s DIRT CHEAP.  Can we say VALUE?  


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