Currently… in October 2014

FEELING:  Optimistic.  Lucky.  Happy.  Things are going swell and I really can’t complain!  I’m a little busy, and kind of overwhelmed by that, but I like being busy!  Or so I keep telling myself!
WATCHING:  NOTHING!  And I’m not even bothered one bit.  I have loads of Sailor Moon to catch up on when I have a chance, but honestly, I don’t really care!
LISTENING TO:  Lately, The Specials have been hitting the right mellow cool groove for me.  And of course, lots of Pandora radio – New Wave, 70’s, big band/jazz and 90’s girl-driven bands.  
READING:  I’m going to make a terrible confession:  I quit on the middle of The Number of the Beast.  I know!  But I picked up Friday and am loving it!  So I hope Heinlein forgives me.  I’ve been reading a lot while my computer has been broken!
WORKING ON:  helping a friend with a costume for ComicCon, and that’s pretty much it!
THINKING ABOUT:  taking a leap and how to begin.
EATING:  carrot juice (it’s an acquired taste, but once you acquire it, you shall desire it!!!) and pumpkin-flavoured everything.  Cream cheese, ice cream, lattes, you name it, I’ll try it.
LOOKING FORWARD TO:  BIG NEWS!  My friend got me into ComicCon for the WHOLE WEEKEND!  Hence helping with the costume.  I’m really excited to go!  I’m also looking forward to giving loads of big ghost tours, Halloween, and then November when things will slow down a little!
MAKING ME HAPPY:  taco nights and wine, discovering new things in the neighborhood like parks and wine, breathtaking views of Manhattan served with a side of wine. 

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