Trader Joe's Tuesday: Dried Flattened Banana

Trader Joe’s Dried Flattened Banana
Tastes Like:  Banana-bread-flavored Fruit Roll Ups.

Great With:  a pinch of salt and a dash of cinnamon makes these puppies REALLY sing, but they’re great on their own too!

Perfect For:  an unexpected addition to a sandwich, vegan fruity “lox” on a bagel, sushi or dessert sushi

Must Know:  can count the ingredients on one hand.  I’ll give you a hint. 

Costs:  only $1.29.  ONLY $1.29!!!  You literally have no excuse not to try these, unless you’re stupid and allergic to bananas.


2 responses to “Trader Joe's Tuesday: Dried Flattened Banana”

  1. Hmm, so are they kinda like banana chips?

  2. I'll bet they're great topped with…get ready…peanut butter!

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