Things I Love Thursday – Fall Edition

Autumn is my favourite season and I’m feeling especially amorous towards many things lately…

1.  the color Orange:  I have been seen wearing a Bumper Bowling Buddies t-shirt around town that I got as participation for a bowling league I was in…when I was six.  it still fits!  orange is also the colour of pumpkins, mango, my 100% carrot juice from Bolthouse Farms that I’m completely addicted to, and cheesy Halloween decorations.
2.  dressing like a slob!  I am now 30 and I’m beyond caring what you think of me for wearing sweatpants as regular clothing.  I think there’s a lot to be said for them!  it’s all about how you style it!  cozy sweaters, overalls, and hoodies also see a triumphant return this time of year.  oh, I feel a twinge of sadness to see the itty bitty dresses of summer get pushed further and further into the back of the closet, but there is a bit of comfort knowing that you don’t have to concern yourself with sitting down on the subway.  comfort abounds.
3.  indoor activities!  all summer I’ve been meaning to go to the National Museum of the American Indian but have not been, because the weather was too nice to be indoors!  now I have no excuse not to see that, or the Poe exhibit at the Grolier Club, or the Nam June Paik show at the Asia Society, or what new coolness the MOMA has cooking, or my all-time favourite The Met, or catch some lectures at the Natural History museum.
4.  comfort food is the best.  I have been on a tea-drinking bender.  Twinning a sent me samples of their Chai tea bags and I allowed myself to buy the decaf flavor and have been kind of addicted to it.  cranberry juice makes a triumphant return as do amazingly crisp, fresh apples, seasonal desserts, and PUMPKIN EVERYTHING.  I love the whole “harvest” vibe and the awesome creativity they inspire!
5.  the accessories!  time to pull out the hats and scarves and get stylish with the new options fall presents!  I can’t wait to wear my cat hats around town again (to much compliment!) and being reunited with my sizable scarf collection was an almost emotional experience for me!

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