Flowers In Your Hair

When the weather gets warmer, my cold, cold heart warms up and I start to want to be, dare I say it, girly again?  And nothing says spring in bloom and life renewing itself like spending a sunny day on your couch re-watching Louie on Netflix while working on a crafting project.  Like ya do.

Quick and dirty, here’s how to do it:  Pick up some relatively flat flowers at the craft store.  You know what I mean:  roses > tulips, daffodils < carnations.  They should have a flat backside (heh) and fairly little plastic.  So those big colorful gerbera daisies?  Nope.  Too much plastic.

Take them home and RIP THEIR HEADS OFF!!  DO IT!!!  Then remove all the plastic elements and sew through the center to hold the flower together again:

Now, me?  I thought the stitches were ugly and showed too much.  If I were you, I’d cover that shit up with like, a sequin or crystal, or a button, or if you’re me, mmm hey how about – a skull.

Finally, sew your barrette tightly to the back of the flower, careful to only stitch through the bottom few layers of petals so it won’t show.  I used these no-slip grip clips because my hair is fine (fiiiiine) but you do what’s best for you, I can’t tell you how to live your life.

Eight of these suckas later, and they encircle my head.  I like the clips because you can wear only one or two at a time, or form a headband, or a crown, or put them random, or whatever.  Here’s me awkwardly modelling it.  Please don’t judge too harshly:

Here’s the question:  would you wear this?  Like, daily?  I’m pretty tempted.  Do you think it’ll attract more negative attention though?  Sigh.  It’s so hard to be this cool.

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