Scenes From The Morning I Got Dumped

21 blocks from where I got dumped

In a Rite Aid

A stranger states down at me from immense height.

“Wow, that must’ve hurt.”


“Right over the heart.”


“You like pain?”

It would appear so

“But it goes away.  The pain.  After a while.”


38 blocks from where i got dumped.  A guy pounded on the windows at Toms Restaurant.  I waved back, and walked down the street.  Half a block later, he walked up to me and said: 

“I just had to tell you, you’re so pretty.  I hafta go back into the restaurant now, but you are really pretty.”

39 blocks from the spot where I got dumped, I rounded the corner, stopped in a phone booth, and began to sob.

At least I saw this coming.


4 responses to “Scenes From The Morning I Got Dumped”

  1. Oh no. I'm so sorry. 🙁 treat yourself really well today.

  2. Very Very Sad…you are a wonderful, sensitive, beautiful person – inside and out. Be Well

  3. What!? No!!! Kudos to the person at Toms. He had sense!

  4. the morning after i got dumped i took a shower. i tried to wash away my tears but i knew there would be plenty more. i got on a boat to sleep in someone else's bed, trying to come back a different woman. I captioned it "day one" to remind myself that life was moving on.


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