The Chocolate Easter Bunny Story

In lieu of sharing Christmas with my family (thanks, retail job), I shared my family’s Christmas traditions with all of you – here and here and here and here and here and here.

Guess what?!  No family Easter for me either.  So here’s my family’s favourite Easter story.

This is a story of cause and effect.

My grandfather brought a huge chocolate bunny for my grandmother as a present.  She was so proud of it, that they displayed it in the family living room, on top of the big television which has always, and does still, sit at the focal point of the room.

That evening, during the news viewing, they marveled at the smell of chocolate wafting through the room.  Until the magnificent bunny began to lean to the side…and they realized the smell and their error.

To this day, a chocolate bunny’s rightful place in the home is always atop the television set, in homage to the very first time.

Try balancing a chocolate bunny on a flat-screen.

Hope you all had a happy Easter.

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