A Peek At… The Donut Pub

The Donut Pub may be my favourite Donut shop in New York City.  The irony is that I rarely buy donuts there. Not that their donuts aren’t innovative, fresh, and delicious.  No, I come to The Donut Pub for their chocolate chip cookies.

Yes, I’m the one raving away on FourSquare about the majesty of these cookies!  Anyone who’s ever had a childhood knows that the perfect chocolate chip cookie is simple, but complex:  It needs the right balance of cookie to chocolate chips (or chunks).  It needs a dash of salt, and enough brown sugar.  It must be crispy and crumbly on the outer perimeter, yet doughy and gooey inside, like an over-tanned Miss America contestant.  And these cookies never fail.

The Donut Pub
203 W 14th Street (at 7th Avenue)
Open 24 Hours
Yes, 24 Hours!

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