Beyond Belief

Today’s Scintilla Project prompt (I can’t believe it’s almost over waaaah!) is to write about something incredible and unbelievable.  Sorry to say, I always do and always have.  If you want, you can re-read about:

…the time I pulled at the laundromat :
          “Thirty minutes later, the laundry owner approached me with the phone:  “The guy you come in with… He called.”

…the crazy lady who flogged a man with a bouquet of roses on the subway platform :

          “Theory #1: Romeo-with-the-Roses was on his way to meet his Girlfriend-with-the-Gatorade uptown, to surprise her with flowers….”

…getting recognized on the street like a celebrity :

          “On any given day, there are literally millions of people walking the streets of New York City at any given time.  Probably hundreds of them are walking Pomeranians.”

…the ghost of John Lennon sending me messages through my iPhone :

          “Imagine a cool breeze and hazy sunlight with the crisp chill of fall stinging your nose and cheeks…”

…the sad state of dating in the big city of New York :

          “…he confessed a pathological fear for all “round” foods.  Ladies and gentlemen, take a moment here to think of all the foods that are round.”

The Scintilla Project

…Yes, it’s a “clip show,” where they re-use content and try to pass it off as “new.”  Deal with it.  It’s a Saturday.

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